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If you want to upgrade in a cognitive sense, improve concentration, attention, think quickly, then you have come to the right place. The platform is suitable for everyone: people of any age, race and gender. The main focus is made on games such as N-Back and Dual N-Back (but in the future, different games will be added to develop working memory and intellect in general, only if the effectiveness of this game is confirmed by a number of studies). These games are scientifically based and supported by many studies. What kind of game it is, what skills it develops, links to research - all this can be read here.

These educational games are more popular!

Dual N-Back Audio
The essence of the game is that here you need to remember the location of the square and which letter was played back N-steps.
Word game
Develop your vocabulary. Remember words that start with a certain letter and end with another!
Dual N-Back Color
The essence of the game is that here you need to remember the location of the square and what color the square had N-steps back.

What cognitive functions does the platform develop?

What cognitive functions does the platform develop?

Better problem solving
Improving working memory affects fluid intelligence, which in turn allows you to solve problems beyond your experience, find connections, and operate with abstractions.
Perception of information.
The development of working memory makes it possible to quickly operate with information that has just arrived. This allows you to better remember, answer questions and get out of some situations every second.
Working memory
Working memory is a type of memory that allows us to retain information in our minds while we work with it. Working memory also allows you to combine information from the senses with long-term and short-term memory.

and much more...

And here is a table for various studies, which may also be interesting if you are thinking whether it is worth registering or not.

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I am doing this project by myself, there are some moments where I missed something, or maybe there are bugs, errors in words, inaccuracies, or somewhere the logic works in a strange way.

Also, you can always express your critique with arguments why it is worth doing this, and not otherwise, and where I am wrong, and also share ideas, what other features can be added to the platform, because the platform is primarily for all people and everyone should be comfortable to use it.

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